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Protection during operation of permanent magnet DC motor

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Now that permanent magnet DC motors have been widely used by everyone, we also know that the machine will not be as good as before after a period of use, so we need to protect it at this time, as follows:
1. During the operation of the motor, check the temperature, oscillation, sound, and commutation of each part, and pay attention to the overheating discoloration and the smell of burnt insulation;
2. Use a listening stick to check the sound of each component. Except for the electromagnetic sound and ventilation sound between the rotor and stator, whether there are other conflict sounds. Check for abnormal noise in the bearing bush or bearing;
3. Check the connection points and insulators of the main circuit of the permanent magnet DC motor. Note whether there is overheating discoloration. Whether there is abnormal smell such as burnt insulation;
4. In order not to overload the motor, take time to note the current and voltage of the motor. The DC system with insulation inspection equipment should regularly check the insulation status to ground;
5. For closed cooling system, pay attention to water retreat and wind frustration, and also check whether there are water leaks and crusts in the cooler to make up for the obstruction of the air network.
6. Check whether the color of the oxide film on the surface of the commutator is normal. Whether there is spark between the brush and the commutator, whether there is accumulation of carbon powder and grime on the surface of the commutator, and whether there is dust accumulation on the brush holder and brush holder.
With the rapid development of social production automation, the application of permanent magnet DC motors is becoming more and more widespread. We should learn to protect it and make its service life longer.
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