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What is the abnormal noise of the permanent magnet DC motor

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The faults of permanent magnet DC motors can be described as a variety of forms, and there are all kinds of forms. Here, I will tell you about the problem of abnormal noise when it malfunctions. This is also one of our common problems in the end. Why? There will be abnormal sounds, how should we repair it when it appears?
If the armature is not axially moved to cause a collision, it should be a loose structure. Everyone please remember one principle: the gasket on the magnetic pole should not be removed easily, which will affect the performance and operating state of the motor.

There are the following analysis methods for the sound problem: Turn on the electrical control system power of the motor and connect it to the oscilloscope to see if there is a lack of wave head in the waveform. Vibration and noise can be generated when the phase is missing. Check again, if you try again, the magnetic circuit should be too strong, electromagnetic noise, you can drive the motor to the rated speed to see if there is a certain interval, and then cut off the power (armature and excitation cut off at the same time), see If there is still in the process of speed reduction, if it is not, then it can be determined that it is electromagnetic noise, if not, it should be a mechanical problem.

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