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Revealed the heat treatment used in permanent magnet DC motors

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的性能之所以能充分的发挥出来,关键也是它的热处理起到了一定的作用,实际上设备的热处理是将金属材料放在一定的介质内加热、保温、冷却,通过改变材料表面或内部的晶相组织结构,来改变直流电动机性能的一种热加工工艺,其具体该设备运用了哪些热处理呢? The key to the performance of the permanent magnet DC motor is that its heat treatment plays a certain role. In fact, the heat treatment of the equipment is to place metal materials in a certain medium to heat, heat and cool, and by changing the surface Or the internal crystalline phase structure to change the performance of a DC motor. What kind of heat treatment does the equipment use? The following knowledge will be introduced in detail. 1. Stress Relief Annealing: The purpose is to eliminate casting force and improve mechanical properties and machining performance. 2. Graphitization annealing: If the cross-sectional size of the DC motor is relatively large, white openings are easy to form on thin sections. In this way, graphitization annealing must be performed, the purpose is to eliminate white openings. 3. Other materials: There are also aluminum alloy DC motors. The heat treatment is similar to that of cast iron and the purpose is similar, but important aluminum alloy parts need to be subjected to solution treatment aging in order to improve mechanical properties. 4. Homogenization annealing: For more important DC motors or DC motors of other cast iron materials, in order to improve the mechanical properties, homogenization annealing is needed because many chemical composition segregation is formed during the casting process. The purpose is to uniformly organize and ensure the mechanics of each section. Consistent performance and improved mechanical properties. When we are casting DC motors, it is important to master this knowledge. In this way, it will allow the equipment to better perform its functions and further reduce equipment failures. Why not?

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